Akushitsuna is the main antagonist of "Sadistic Passion". They are the founder and leader of the "Cult of Aigarai" as well as the former employer of Maddo Tichi and Pinku Usostuki before their deaths. It's currently unknown what their motive for the cult as well as what their attraction to either Takara Yumi or Amai Tenshi is.

He/She is currently voiced by Sage Wainwright.


Some time before the murder of Kurai Hiei, Akushitsuna contacted Maddo Tichi and Pinku Usotsuki and offers to help pay for both of their financial situations. But there was a catch, they'd have to join his cult by stealing the "Anthologies of Enticement" and the "Stone of Aigarai" necklace from the museum it was displayed in. They were hesitant at first until Akushitsuna offered them $70,000 to join the cult, to which they immediately tag along.

After the heist, it was discovered the one of the books were missing and they can't perform their future ritual without the other book. A year later, it was discovered that Kurai Hiei had taken the book as it was seen in the background of his YouTube video. Kurai was eventually tracked down and savagely murdered by Nurse Pinku and stole back the book.

A day after Arata (as Black Bunny) kills Maddo Tichi, Akushitsuna calls a panicked Pinku to offer her another mission, but she immediately refuses and quits the cult. She was then kidnapped and murdered by Romansu Maneki.

He is expected to have his first physical appearance in Episode 3, "All Bets Are Off".


*This is a segment based upon fan theories, some of these are yet to be canon*

Arata Akumu

People theorized that Arata could be running the Cult of Aigarai in order to win Takara's love. This was immediately debunked by Sage Wainwright.


  • Originally, he/she was named Shubosha, but it was later changed.
  • He/She was the only character who went through the least designs.
  • Their appearance resembled the "Brandon James Killer" from MTV Scream.