Kizami Hikaru is a minor character in the MikuMikuDance Series, Sadistic Passion. He's a rival (or possible suspect) of Romansu Maneki. He's also the former boyfriend of Amai Tenshi.

He's voiced by Sage Wainwright.

Description Edit

"Kizami Hikaru is the star actor of the School Theater club as well as a former boyfriend of Amai Tenshi, which they ended their relationship on negative terms, after she realized that he wasn't good for her health. They get along until Kizami gets flirty with Amai with his Shakespearian dialogue, much to her disinterest.

What do you think of Kizami? What secrets does he harbor?

Trivia Edit

  • Kizami is based on both Kokona Haruka and Kizana Sunobu from the debug build game, Yandere Simulator.
    • Kizami is an easter egg to Yuuya Kizami from the "Corpse Party" games, since a photo of him was originally used for Yandere Dev's perspective of Yandere Kun.
  • Kizami's previous name was "Nodo Mana" which was the earlier name for Kokona until the later debug builds. He was also originally supposed to be a mean bully version of Kokona until he was later changed to a drama club student.
    • Kizami's first name is an easter egg to Yuuya Kizami from the "Corpse Party" games, since one of the characters he's based on, Kizana Sunobu, had a similar name.
  • Sage Wainwright is debating whether or not Kizami should have a British accent.
  • Kizami's appearance is similar to Alois Trancy from "Black Butler".
  • It's currently unknown why he wears lace gloves.
  • It was confirmed on February 14th, 2017 that Kizami was once Amai's boyfriend, and they ended on decent terms. It was unknown if Amai got a little bored of Kizami as a boyfriend (considering she gets annoyed when he gets to dramatic when he flirts), or that they were moving two fast.
    • A theory is that she stopped dating Kizami when he started bullying Takara Yumi. Since in earlier descriptions of him that he was a member of the Shonen Rebels. It's unknown if he's still a Shonen Rebel or just close with them.
  • It's unknown what his relationship will be with Seji Aka or Takara Yumi, since Seji is Amai's closest friend.
  • He's possibly bipolar, since in a YouTube video called "Be Honest, Amai", The description read "Not anymore, Mr. Co-Worker Abuser!" This indicates that he's possibly ruthless and abusive to his co-stars, while he is kind-hearted and polite to Amai.
  • Kizami can do multiple voices and accents. So it's possible that one of the voices he does is real.
  • Sage has considered having is real voice resemble a Brooklyn accent.