Stab: The Web Series is a possible horror drama fan series created by Sage Wainwright. It is a fan series based on the "Scream" franchise but more on the in-universe film series "Stab". It's also heavily inspired from another fan site called "". It would be the first series that would be fully live-action but it might just end up either being animated or just be a fan-fiction. It will be inspired from scrapped projects and uncompleted work by

Plot Edit

Not much is known about the plot. But it does focus on a university campus that annually celebrates the "Stab-O-Ween" Halloween Film Festival. The killers would be both be copycats of the Ghostface/Woodsboro Slasher and the Lakewood Slasher/Brandon James killer. The show would be connected to both the Scream movie universe and the TV universe. Sage has mentioned that he could play a character that's a mix of Sidney Prescott and Randy Meeks. Sage has also mentioned that he could be the stuntman for both Ghostface killers.

Sage has also mentioned that the series would be both nostalgic to the movies yet so new.

He inspired the idea from another Scream fan series, "Scream: The Web Series".

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